Creating opportunities

The Rhoda Mary Project provides an unique opportunity to develop and nurture young people in Cornwall today while also reaching out to Cornish people and their descendants worldwide.

Cornwall is blessed with great natural beauty, a fabulous coastline, a fascinating heritage and a lively tourist industry. But it has significant levels of social deprivation and good employment opportunities are often lacking for its young people.

The result, all too often, is an exodus from the county of bright young people in search of better prospects, while those without such opportunities are left to wonder why they have been left behind.

The Rhoda Mary Project will set up a six months pre apprenticeship training scheme for 16-19 year olds keen to pursue
a career in the maritime sector.

The course will focus on improving the skills required for success in the marine industry, lookingat jobs available both ashore and afloat and supporting young people through to their next stage whether it is further training, an apprenticeship or employment.

Training will be provided with certification where appropriate including upgrading core skills in English and Mathematics, if required. The teamwork required to work a large sailing vessel competently has long been recognised as beneficial for individuals in terms of empowerment and self-esteem.

At the same time, the Rhoda Mary can serve as an emblem of Cornish heritage, Cornish pride and Cornish businesses, representing the county at events far beyond Cornwall’s shores.

The vessel still evokes powerful memories within Cornish communities. Descendants of William Foreman Ferris, the designer and John Stephens, the builder, proudly celebrate their legacy.

… providing training and creating opportunities for young people in Cornwall …